What is co-extrusion?

Co-extrusion,the latest technology in wood composite range,this advanced cap technology is co-extruded to core,its capped surface material is what gives each board unique and superior performance.The insulating properties of cap make co-extrusion board extremely stable,surface will not expand and contract like other composites,meanwhile its low heat absorption means bare feet will love it,plus its high UV stability its inherent color will last for years.

Co-extrusion or capped deck boards are WPC second generation boards. They have been designed with a cover that is bonded at the core of the board during manufacturing. … The co-extrusion process involves the use of antioxidants, colorants, and UV inhibitors for capping of the core.

The advantages of Lihua co-extrusion series
Lihua’s co-extruded board achieves an infinitely variable and authentic color finish,comparing only to nature timber,this advanced and innovative technology allows for incredible color blending,providing one of the best looking composite boards.

Based on abundant factory experience and knowledge, we have been able to satisfy almost all diverse needs of clients by offering of Composite Co-extrusion wpc decking The given range of decking is valued for their excellent finish, high strength and other unique attributes.
We have different color can be option,We can customize different colors and sizes according to customer requirements.Also you can choose different embossed pattern on the surface.Most importantly,we can do bicolor co-extrusion WPC products.This can give you more business,you and your customers can have more choice on color,that will be a good selling point for you!

Four assembly co-extrusion lines for manufacture,we can make sure your deliver time.Also can give more choice for you.We will put the semi-finished products in Specific location,when the after treatment finished,we will pack these boards as your decision.

If you have a interested in this,you can visit our factory.We will warmly welcome you to our factory.

Post time: Dec-03-2020