What is 3D embossed Series?

Lihua WPC 3D Embossed Composite Decking is the new technology decking product,or you can call it deep embossed or super embossed.The main technology is the deep embossed process during production.When the extrusion finished,the pattern is one the surface of the boards.
New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, decorative enhancement. 3D embossing technology is a superficial carving technique. Each floor is the same as a sculpture, and the artistic atmosphere and visual degree have been greatly improved. Classical 3D embossing is a great improvement in seen wood-plastic floors, which cannot only be re-engraved with the bands but also support the traces of the start barking.
The 3D embossing wood floor gets to 3 mm, which can obviously enhance the adsorbent capacity of the floor. Compared with the online adsorption of the groove surface, the adsorption direction of the 3D embossing surface much more diversified.

The advantages of 3D embossed
Traditional wpc composite decking are easy to lose grain on surface,super embossed decking perform better than any common composite wood,it is more natural and attractive,better fading and scratching resistant.
Lihua’s super embossed WPC decking have all the advantages of traditional composite decking ,it is still kept: waterproof, anti-UV, weather resistant, anti-corrosion,insect prevention, low maintenance, long service life etc…And the deep embossed boards look and feel more like the natural wood due to the 3D embossing treatment of the surface.
Our company have several super embossing patterns for you go for,like dragon wood and ripple wood,which are the most popular in the market.Color is customized,no matter oak,coffee,walnut,chocolate or else,we can do for you the one you want.

The color option of Lihua WPC factory
And almost all the normal color we can supply,if you want to do some special,you can send us your sample,we can do as your sample,this will give you and your customers more choice.

Post time: Dec-03-2020