Some Tips About WPC


Wood plastic composite(WPC) products enjoy the advantages of both wood and polymer material,but it is free from their shortcomings.WPC material is high strength,prevents rotting,weather resistance,slip resistance.It can be used in landscape,gardening,villas and other outdoor platform.With so many good abilities,more and more people use WPC material to decorate their area.But do you know some tips of the WPC production?


1. Some customer are desperately wanting to receive their WPC decking once they place a order.Don’t be so impatient my dear friend,WPC factory need time to produce your composite WPC decking.So don’t push factory to produce your WPC boards quickly,If the raw material is extruded too fast, the mechanical properties of the WPC flooring will deteriorate when it is formed.But is not mean,more slower and better quality.


2. As we know,our WPC products is fully recyclable and environmental.So maybe some customer will worry about the quality of our quality.We committed to you that we will never use recyclable material.All of our order,we will use new material and we will test the material when we buy the material.Just like this,we can make sure the good quality of our composite WPC decking.


3. The most common problem of WPC products is fading.As the special weather,like high sunshine which make all the products are easy to lose their color.If your country has the same condition,you need to tell our factory.We can add more UV resistance addition,it will make the WPC boards are more fading resistance.No matter what situation,our products can keep the color at least 5-10 years.This is a very good ability.

So how about your feeding about our composite WPC decking with my explain?If you can not wait to get your wood plastic composite decking,hurry up and contact with us!

Post time: Jul-06-2021