Can WPC decking be painted?


WPC decking is short for wood plastic and composite decking,it is more and more popular in all the world.When we describe the composite decking,we always say WPC decking is no painting,no glue,low maintenance.Then maybe someone will confuse that can the WPC decking boards be painted?If can,how to paint the outdoor composite WPC decking?


Of course we can paint the composite decking,it can be same as other hardwood.Sometimes we want some other color or your composite decking is showing some fading,then it maybe time to take matters into your own hands.You should prepare a brush,some paint and other necessary tools.Then we can start to paint our outdoor WPC decking.


First:Remove or cover plants.If you have got a jungle on your WPC decking boards,you will need to cover and all foliage with canvas or plastic drop cloths or remove them from the WPC flooring.

Second:Clean your deck.some WPC boards are using for personal,you can easily clean your WPC composite decking as you prep to paint.For basic debris and dirt cleaning,use a soapy water mixture and a low pressure power washer or soft brush.For removing mildew and mold,you will want to mix in two parts vinegar and one part water into a bucket.Rinse clearly and let dry.

Third:Sand your composite deck and prime it.To apply the smoothest coat of paint possible,you can sand your WPC wood decking going in the direction of grain in order to degloss and smooth out the decking boards.Make sure to wipe the shavings with a broom and wash with water once more.Choose an acrylic latex exterior primer and pour the bucket into your roller tray.

Fourth:Paint your outdoor WPC decking.When the primer is 100% dry,you can pour 

your outdoor porch paint into the roller tray and get to work.Again,make sure to let the first application fully dry before adding a possible second coat.Dry times is you need to check the product label for recommended coat application times.


In addition,what color do you want,you just prepare the painting first.Hope you can have a more nature life with WPC products.


Post time: Jun-09-2021