3D Deep Embossed Waterproof composite WPC Hollow Decking

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Products Ownership:WPC Decking
Item No:LS135H25
Product Origin:China
Color:Charcoal,maple leaf, Red wood,Coffee,etc or customized
Shipping Port:Shanghai Port
Lead time:10-18 DAYS

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3D Embossed WPC Decking




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2.9m,3.6mor customized


Swimming Pool,Park,etc

Surface Treatment

Brushed or Sanding


Five years

Product Feature
●New technology 3D embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, decorative enhancement. 3D embossing technology is a superficial carving technique. Each floor is the same as a sculpture, and the artistic atmosphere and visual degree have been greatly improved. Classical 3D embossing is a great improvement in seen wood-plastic floors, which cannot only be re-engraved with the bands but also support the traces of the start barking.

●Traditional wpc composite decking are easy to lose grain on surface,super embossed decking perform better than any common composite wood,it is more natural and attractive,better fading and scratching resistant.

●Lihua’s super embossed WPC decking have all the advantages of traditional composite decking ,it is still kept: waterproof, anti-UV, weather resistant, anti-corrosion,insect prevention, low maintenance, long service life etc…And the deep embossed boards look and feel more like the natural wood due to the 3D embossing treatment of the surface.


Data sheet






Slip Resistance Dry EN 15534-1:2014 Section6.4.2 CEN/TS 15676:2007 Pendulum value≥36 Longtitudinal direction:Mean 56,Min 55
EN 15534-4:2014 Section 4.4 Horizontal direction:Mean 73,Min 70
Slip Resistance Wet EN 15534-1:2014 Section6.4.2 CEN/TS 15676:2007 Pendulum value≥36 Longtitudinal direction:Mean 38,Min 36
EN 15534-4:2014 Section 4.4 Horizontal direction:Mean 45,Min 43
Flexural properties EN15534-1:2014 AnnexA -F’max:Mean≥3300N,Min≥3000N Bending Strength:27.4 MPa
EN 15534-4:2014 Section 4.5.2 -Deflection under a load of 500N Mean≤2.0mm,Max≤2.5mm Modulus of elasiticity:3969 MPa
Maximum load: Mean 3786N,Min 3540N
Deflection at 500N:
Swelling and water absorption EN 15534-1:2014 Section8.3.1 Mean Swelling:≤4% in thickness,≤0.8% in width,≤0.4% in length Mean Swelling:1.81% in thickness,0.22% in width,0.36% in length
EN 15534-4:2014 Section 4.5.5 Max swelling:≤5% in thickness, ≤1.2% in width,≤0.6% in length Max Swelling:2.36% in thickness,0.23% in width,0.44% in length
Water absorption:

Water absorption:Mean:4.32%,Max:5.06%

Resistance to indentation EN 15534-1:2014 Section7.5 Brinell hardness: 79 MPa
EN 15534-4:2014 Section 4.5.7 Rate of elastic recovery:65%

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    Q1:What is the design principle of your product appearance? What are the advantages?
    A:Our products are design on the practicability of life,like the anti-slip,weather resistant,anti-fading,etc.

    Q2:What are the differences of your products among peers?
    A:Our WPC products are using better and newer material,so the quality is better and the advantage of technology,our price are very good.

    Q3:Who are your R & D personnel? What are the qualifications?
    A:We have a R&D team,all of them have full experience in average,they have worked in this area for more than ten years!

    Q4:What is your product R & D idea?
    A:Our R & D idea is environmental friendly ,low maintenance,long life using and high quality.

    Q5:What are the technical specifications of your products? If so, what are the specific ones?
    A:Our technical specifications are exact size,mechanical property,Anti-slip performance,Waterproof performance,Weather ability,etc.

    Q6:What kind of certification have you passed?
    A:Lihua products have been test by SGS with EU WPC quality control standard EN 15534-2004,EU fire rating Standard with B fire rating grade,American WPC at standard ASTM.

    Q7:What kind of certification have you passed?
    A:we are certified with ISO90010-2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system,FSC and PEFC.

    Q8:Which customers have you passed the factory inspection?
    A:Some customer from GB,Saudi Arab,Australia,Canada,etc have visit our factory,all of them are satisfied with our quality and service.

    Q9:What is your purchasing system like?
    A:1 select the right material we need,check the material quality is good or not
    2 check the material is matched with our system need and the certification
    3 doing test of the material,if passed,then will place order.

    Q10:What is the standard of your company’s suppliers?
    A:They should all match the stand of our factory requirement,such as the ISO,environmental friendly,high quality,etc.

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